designDATA Announces Upgrades to Hardware as a Service Program

Streamline your equipment processes with designDATA’s Hardware as a Service (HaaS) solutions.

Washington, DC – March 30, 2021. Washington-based designDATA is excited to officially announce new upgrades to our HaaS offering. designDATA provides hardware solutions on a subscription basis, freeing you from the hassle of day-to-day device maintenance, upgrades, and downtime.

All Lenovo devices are now upgraded, as a standard configuration, with i5 and i7 Intel Processors, 16GB of system memory, and a minimum 512GB solid state disk drive.  Form factor options fit wide-ranging use cases: executive small form factor, flexible office workhorse, and convertible laptop tablet. Machine selection now focuses where it should: choosing the ideal platform for each individual rather than focusing on performance specifications.

Additionally, we have added a new equipment profile, which we lovingly call “Hercules,” to our inventory. Hercules is a laptop with a mid-sized profile (15” screen size) that can be configured with an i7 Intel Processor, up to 64GB of system memory, a dedicated video card with 4GB of ram, and up to a whopping 2TB of solid state disk storage. Hercules can handle graphics design, engineering work, and the needs of developers and database administrators.

What is Hardware as a Service (HaaS)?

HaaS is a service model that is becoming increasingly popular with IT professionals and business leaders. Instead of self-managing equipment acquisition, deployment, maintenance, and upgrades, designDATA clients pay an attractive monthly fee for the equipment they need. designDATA stocks equipment so that we can deploy new users or swap equipment for existing users quickly and efficiently; our buying power as a large IT services corporation is passed along to our clients

“We are continually focused on providing solutions that drive business outcomes while supporting many new remote work initiatives,” expresses Matt Ruck, President and CEO at designDATA. “With work-from-home here to stay, HaaS is one such initiative; it quickly became a priority to arm the end users we support with the best mobile devices available in the market. We are very excited about the ways in which we have empowered our customers to work better remotely and are thrilled that clients feel the same way.”

Why Join designDATA’s HaaS Program? 

There are many advantages for IT services providers and business leaders when considering designDATA’s HaaS offerings, like:

  • Seamless and quick scalability.
  • Peace of mind: let us build, acquire, and maintain your equipment. We also offer “hot-swapping” options for three years: we will replace or add any components to your hardware without stopping, shutting down, or rebooting the system.
  • Gain control and security over your hardware and data when our HaaS offerings are paired with our cybersecurity services.

“Hardware as a Service is a fantastic option during the current global economic climate, alleviating the strain on corporations to provide and maintain employee hardware. We are delighted to be able to bring this value and our best-in-class support to our clients,” explains Ted Dennis, Vice President of Operations at designDATA.

About designDATA

designDATA is an IT Managed Services Provider focused on equipping organizations with scalable solutions that enable teams to securely do their best work. They do this by striving to see the world through their clients’ eyes, aligning IT operations with organizational priorities and ensuring staff have the resources they need to excel. They provide 24/7 tech support, data center and cloud services, robust cybersecurity solutions, exceptional end-user training, and enterprise-level consulting services.

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