How Does Your Security Really Measure Up?

Our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Offerings

Our experts are dedicated to providing as many organizations as possible with the knowledge they need to make security-enhancing decisions for their teams. To address this dedication, we offer two types of assessments:


Cybersecurity Risk Assessments based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework

This is a comprehensive assessment that dives deeply into your security processes and procedures.

It is based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework: a set of best practices and recommendations that seek to address the lack of standards regarding cybersecurity.

Our cybersecurity experts will establish:

0.1 A current profile (where you are today)

0.2 A target profile (where you want to be)

0.3 A cybersecurity roadmap (how to get you from A to B)


Personalized Risk Score based on the Enterprise Risk Management Framework (ERM)

This is a targeted assessment focused on your organization’s specific cybersecurity risks.

A crucial part of this assessment is analyzing your preparedness for likely risks.

Our experts will review the probability of an attack, how strong your controls are to prevent it, and the impact (in dollars) to your organization if it’s successful.

We measure these three items objectively and combine them into a personalized Risk Score.

Suggestions for additional controls your organization would benefit from to lower your overall risk are included in your Risk Score.

After this assessment, you will be better protected against unexpected cybersecurity outcomes due to inadvertently under-addressed risks.

Understand Your Current Capabilities,
Improve to Sidestep Attackers

The best method for staying ahead of cyber threats is to become intimately familiar with the risks your organization faces. Our experts can assess the risks, implement the appropriate solutions, and train your teams on cybersecurity best practices.

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