Our 24/7
Security Operations Center (SOC)

Managed by our partner, Arctic Wolf, and integrated into designDATA’s robust cybersecurity solutions, enjoy a purposefully built security operations center dedicated to monitoring your network traffic and security events.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

In many cases, alerts received by the SOC team need to be investigated by the NOC team. In situations where both roles are handled by the same IT provider, engineers on either team may be tempted to take shortcuts and quickly dismiss an event as a false positive, rather than conducting a thorough security review. At designDATA, we adhere to the best practice of maintaining separate teams to ensure impartiality and achieve superior outcomes.

Cyber-attacks are more common when organizations fall asleep. Ensure your employees, business, and critical data are safe with round-the-clock protection from our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC).

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