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Empower Your Team
While Boosting Productivity & Security

Programs like Microsoft Word and Excel have many features that can boost productivity, but IT companies aren’t taking the time to share this knowledge with their customers. Training your team to become proficient with the software they’re using daily helps them feel like tech-savvy pros while working faster towards your business goals.

And DON’T FORGET, where you have people, you have security risk; providing security-focused training is essential for creating awareness and ensuring your critical data remains safe.

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We help organizations:

If you have unique business requirements and software, we will create custom training sessions for your organization.

Our goal is to develop tech-savvy users that drive your business towards success.

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We are always developing new training courses and content!

Here is a list of some of our most popular courses:

Comparing Video Conferencing Apps

Email Security – How to Spot Malicious Emails

Excel – Conditional Formatting

Excel – Tips and Tricks

Excel – Working with Charts

Excel – Functions & Formulas

Excel – Working with Tables

Excel – Working with PivotTables

Excel – Analyzing Data

Excel – Working with Macros

Excel – Functions and Formulas PART TWO

HOW TO STAY SAFE: Browser Security

HOW TO STAY SAFE: Mobile Security

HOW TO STAY SAFE: Password Security

HOW TO STAY SAFE: Social Media Security

HOW TO STAY SAFE: Travel Security

Introduction to OneNote

Outlook – Managing Your Inbox

Outlook – Tips and Tricks

PowerPoint – Transitions & Animation

PowerPoint – Best Practices

Teams – The Basics

Teams – The Cool Stuff

Word – Working with Shapes and Pictures

Word – WordArt, SmartArt & Charts

Word – Working with Mailings

Word Working with Custom Forms

Word – Tips and Tricks

ZOOM – Basics

HOW TO STAY SAFE: Secure Home Network

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are holding all current training sessions virtually;
however, we hope to return to providing in-person sessions onsite in the future.

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