Security Can Be Convenient

No More Post-It Passwords

A single-sign-on (SSO) solution allows you to use a secondary application as a means of authentication to log into all corporate applications, websites, and data for which you have permission. This solution also:

Enhances productivity with significant time savings for your team

Reduces password fatigue

Reduces the risk of a security breach from compromised user credentials

Provides your team access to the right resources

Increases your security with a second authentication method

Allows you to store your password vault in a secure cloud instead of spreadsheets and post-it notes

Provides a web-browser extension to fill in passwords automatically, saving even more time

Simple Security

A secure password should have:

IT Managed Services

At least 15 characters – more is better!

A mix of numbers and letters

Both lowercase and uppercase letters

At least one special character like @ $ & ! ?

Increase your security with a second authentication method

You should also never use the same password for multiple applications, websites, or other data access, and should frequently change your passwords.

So – these are several requirements necessary to keep company data secure. However, your team is busy running your business, and meeting all these requirements can be super challenging!

A single-sign-on solution alleviates all of this stress. It also enables your team to be more productive while giving you the peace of mind that your employee credentials are secure.

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