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Ageing, expensive, and unreliable data center infrastructure can pose significant productivity, budgetary, and security challenges for your organization. We built a highly available and secure private data center to save you the cost and stress of building your own.

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Let us help you consolidate, simplify, and modernize. Our data center and virtual hosting give you top performance combined with the protection you need to accelerate your business. We also monitor your IT systems 24 x 7 x 365 while offering backup and data recovery services to protect your critical information.

Our private cloud and data center also provide:

High Availability

Sometimes, if one of your business-critical servers fails, it impacts the other servers that interact with it. High availability enables a seamless failover to a host server, so you can continue enjoying immediate access to your data without losing critical business functions.

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High Security

Rest easy knowing the best virtual and physical security measures guard your data. Physical security measures include 24/7 onsite security personnel, multi-factor authentication, and onsite access restrictions.


Your business needs are always changing; therefore, flexibility to adjust resources is a must. That’s why we offer 24/7 access to scale resources up and down and build virtual environments as your business requires.

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Building redundancy can be expensive and utilize valuable space. Our datacenter is fully redundant, so if a server goes down, everything shifts over, and you can still access your critical data and applications. Additionally, we have a second datacenter for geo-replication of backups. All virtual machines are backed up daily and replicated to this second data center.


If you have recently made significant investments in physical hardware, co-location is a great way to save money on power and cooling while increasing your security profile. Take advantage of high availability, power savings, uptime, and increased security measures by re-locating your hardware to our data center.

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Backup Power

Save the cost of setting up and maintaining a backup generator onsite while trusting that you can continue operating in the event of an outage. We have a backup generator ready to power up when the need arises.

Cloud Sync

Our dDSync cloud storage tool is free to all data center clients, allowing you to automatically sync data across all devices. Your team can securely share files and send large email attachments with the peace of mind that comes with military-grade encryption and administrator control over corporate data.

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Looking for a Third-Party Cloud Solution?

We have partnered with the big names in the cloud biz so that you can choose your preferred cloud solution.

We Take Data Security Seriously

Bad actors are getting smarter, and they realize that IT service providers are entrusted with the security of the organizations they support. We recognize that we have a critical responsibility not only to recommend best-in- class data management and security practices for our clients but to live them ourselves. That’s why we complete annual AICPA SOC Audits to analyze and validate our data management and security controls regularly.

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