Cloud Managed Services

Sometimes the tools that are supposed to help you run your business faster and more efficiently end up causing bottlenecks and slowing you down. Upgrading and consolidating your software solutions can save money, reduce frustration, and enhance productivity.

Empower Your Business

Every opportunity to consolidate multiple tools into one is an opportunity to save time while reducing frustrations and expenses. Now, you may be thinking – changing business software can be a big challenge wrought with projects that drag on forever and stubborn employees. We understand that change can be painful, which is why we go out of our way to make sure that upgrading your software solutions is a seamless experience.

What Makes Us Different?

Some IT companies want to promote the latest vendor software with the best margins. We want to help you find the right solution that solves your productivity frustrations and supports your business goals.

The designDATA approach to productivity solutions:

Business Analysis

We begin every project by collecting information about your current software tools and interviewing the staff who use them. This critical part of the process enables us to identify any unique individual or department-specific requirements.

Deployment Plan

We create a comprehensive plan to roll out the new software and features while ensuring data governance. We take a phased approach to minimize the impact on productivity and encourage end-user adoption.

Staff Communication

We work with you to ensure maximum success with end-user adoption. Promoting clear communication around the project helps your staff understand the benefits of using the new tools and generates excitement.


We provide on-going free training for your new productivity tools. We can do custom training for your organization, and your teams are welcome to join our weekly sessions. All training sessions are recorded and available in a video library for you to view at any time.

What Are The Benefits of Cloud-Based Productivity Software?

Accessibility – Easily access corporate data via a web browser, desktop application, or mobile device without needing a VPN connection. Utilize tools like OneDrive to access local workstation data from anywhere in the world.

Collaboration – Utilize programs like Microsoft Teams to easily collaborate with others on the same document simultaneously for increased communication & efficiencies. You can also chat internally with specific teams/members.

Sharing Data – Easily & safely share data with internal or external recipients.

Desktop Data Backup – You can use programs like OneDrive to backup local user data.

Consolidate Costs – Utilize the many products and features included in your subscription to help save costs.

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