Productivity with TEAMS Continue to Increase

Productivity with TEAMS Continue to Increase

At the beginning of the pandemic, organizations leaned more on the current technology to collaborate. As shelter-in-place orders grew state to state the use Microsoft technology grew as well.  With the isolation of remote work growing the need for human connection became crucial to business development and the use of video conferencing for meetings increased substantially on Teams. It should be noted that Microsoft has continued to make enhancements and improvements:
  • Custom backgrounds allow you to replace your background in Teams meetings with a new office look anytime.  You can also upload your own custom backgrounds as well. Unique backgrounds have become a spirited competition within designDATA.
  • To make video calls more interactive, the raise hand feature will be available to everyone by the end of the year. It will let meeting participants indicate they have something to say by clicking on a hand-raise icon in the meeting control bar. Academic institutions will probably see this feature first as it rolls out.
  • Meeting organizers can now end a meeting for all participants with the click of the “end meeting “button in the control bar.
  • Later this year, Microsoft will roll-out background noise suppression while in a Teams meeting which uses technology to reduce distracting background noise such as loud typing or a barking dog.

Feature Matrix between MS Teams vs. Zoom and GoToMeeting vs. Zoom

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom Features

Both MS Teams and Zoom enable organizations and individuals to have online meetings, chats, calls, screen sharing. Below are key differences between the two:

GoToMeeting vs Zoom Features

Zoom and GoToMeeting both offer robust and easy-to-use screen sharing functionality

Status in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has a Status feature (also sometimes called Presence) that lets people know your availability.  This feature works automatically, but you can also control it manually if you need to:

To access it, click on your portrait in the top-right of Teams, and then mouse-over your current status to see your available statuses. 

If there’s a meeting going on in your calendar, Teams will auto-update your status to “In a Meeting,” or to “On a Call” if you’re on a Teams call.  If you’re idle for a period of time, it will auto-update to “Away.” 

You can manually choose a different status if you want to override the auto-chosen status.  Just be sure to click on “Reset status” when you’re done to let Teams go back to automatically updating your status. 

Lastly, you have an option to “Set status message” to let people know what’s up, such as “On a lunch break, back at 1pm.”