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Finally, An Enterprise IT Solution For macOS & iOS

People love Apple products, and when employees can use an operating system they are familiar with
and enjoy, they are more productive.

Are your Apple users frustrated with the support they receive for their macOS and iOS products?

Traditionally, IT companies have ignored mac-centric support solutions, usually because their tools are designed for the Windows Operating System. Thus, Apple products are often managed ad-hoc without a centralized professional solution, leading to frustration for the users and security and onboarding issues. At designDATA, we saw an opportunity to provide better support with tools designed specifically for macOS and iOS, so we developed a robust enterprise solution for Apple. Our solution will keep your Apple users happy, productive and secure.


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What Makes Us Different

When you need to onboard new Apple lovers or replace retiring devices, we will ensure your Apple
ecosystem is implemented correctly and supported.


Dedicated & Passionate Apple Experts

We have specialised Apple engineers who speak your language. Reduce support frustration for your Apple users with quick resolutions from our macOS and iOS experts available on a dedicated Apple support line.


Touchless Deployment

Setting up new hardware can be complicated and time-consuming. We make that process seamless, enjoyable, and germ-free, so you can enjoy the excitement of unboxing your shiny new Apple product and start using it right away.


Software Self-Service

Reduce the amount of time your Apple users spend on the phone with IT, as they enjoy the ease and convenience of downloading pre-approved apps when they need them.


Security for Apple

We understand Apple’s unique security challenges and the robust security features built into macOS and iOS products. We will create a comprehensive security plan that is unique to your organization and risk tolerance.



We will assist with preparations for STIGs, NIST 800-171, and other compliance requirements.


Apple Inventory Management

Get access to real-time inventory reports for audit compliance, license tracking, and hardware lifecycle management. We’ll make sure you get the most of each device before it gets retired.


Certified Apple Consultant

When you need to onboard new Apple lovers or replace retiring devices, we will ensure your Apple ecosystem is implemented correctly and supported.


Patches, Updates & Reporting

We keep you current, so your devices aren't the weakest link for cybercriminals to exploit.

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