Should you monitor your employees’ online activities?

To monitor or not to monitor — that is the question. Employee monitoring is a touchy subject. If you’ve ever considered it, then you may ask yourself if it is a good idea for an employer to check on their staff’s online activities. Below are the pros and cons of employee monitoring, and some helpful […]

Watch out for this Android malware

Security researchers have discovered a new Android malware called DEFENSOR ID that snuck its way into the Google Play Store. Forensic analysis shows that the malware takes advantage of an Android device’s Accessibility Services to infiltrate the system and cause damage without being detected.

How to protect your business printers from hackers

Organizations spend resources on keeping their technology and devices secure, but they often overlook one crucial piece of hardware: printers. Printers, just like computers and Wi-Fi networks, can be an entry point for hackers and a gateway to your business’s sensitive information.

Automate New Employee On-boarding

Onboarding a new employee can turn into chaos between the number of manual data entries through multiple departments to the cumulative hours to complete the task due to delays in email communications. This process can average out to take 2-3 weeks to complete resulting in the new hire sitting with nothing to do on his first few days.

Security – Stay Alert

designDATA continues to invest in keeping your environments safe. There are options in our security offerings that will protect against pending attacks as named below. In this interesting time, we need to stay aware of pending attacks and respond accordingly and your education has been the best risk mitigation overall.

Productivity with TEAMS Continue to Increase

At the beginning of the pandemic, organizations leaned more on the current technology to collaborate. As shelter-in-place orders grew state to state the use Microsoft technology grew as well.  With the isolation of remote work growing the need for human connection became crucial to business development and the use of video conferencing for meetings increased substantially on Teams.

Router Considerations While Working from Home

While working from home, you may have noticed some things about your internet connectivity. It may even bother you so much that you’ve become curious to how you can improve it.  Here are some things to consider:

Security – password
The Upload and Download Speed
Signal Strength

Before we begin any improvement discussion, it may seem odd to begin with security.

How to Implement Better Cyber Hygiene Practices as Employees Work Remotely

Erik Haas, director of sales and marketing was interviewed for ASAE and offered some basic measures that organizations should take to improve their cybersecurity posture.  designDATA, AHT Insurance, and Hartman Executive Advisors share their perspectives with ASAE on how to mitigate cybersecurity risk in a remote work environment: