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Cybersecurity Checklist

Many organizations believe they are protected from cybercrime, but they aren’t. Don’t let cybercriminals find a loophole in your security strategy; download our checklist of the top-10 things you should be doing to protect your business.


8 Questions to
Ask Your IT Provider

Sometimes, critical elements of a cybersecurity strategy are left out. Don’t get caught without a solid plan; download our list of 8 questions you need to ask your IT provider today.

designDATA Guide

Getting Better Results Out of Microsoft 365

So many business risks are born through email. Luckily, Microsoft 365 has many helpful features that, when implemented, greatly mitigate cybersecurity threats. Download our guide to get the full run-down on the most appropriate tools for each business challenge.


Executive Leadership: the Next Steps After a Ransomware Compromise

Every level of your business plays a part in ensuring that your data and financial assets remain secure, including your leadership team. In fact, the first 24 hours after becoming aware of an attack are the most important for any business leader. Don’t risk responding poorly during these integral hours: download our guide on the most critical steps to take in response to a ransomware attack.


How to: Identify Business Email Compromises

BECs are becoming increasingly sophisticated; many of the tell-tale signs we all recognize in phishing emails, like misspelled words or incorrect domain names, are missing. This can make it nearly impossible for your team members to distinguish BEC emails from legitimate ones. We’ve created an easy-to-follow guide outlining five crucial tips for identifying business email compromises to address this.


MS Forms Features

Our Top "Microsoft Forms" Features

Microsoft Forms is a valuable platform to build, preview, and share forms, surveys, and quizzes. Check out our infographic to find out our Microsoft expert’s five favorite features of Forms!


Introducing: Microsoft 365's Tasks by Planner and ToDo

Microsoft 365’s Tasks by Planner and ToDo is a fantastic collaboration and task management tool. Check out our infographic to discover why our experts recommend this great app!

How to: Integrate a Video Into Microsoft Teams

One of the best aspects of Microsoft Teams is that you can easily integrate common technologies into the platform. Check out our simple infographic to find out how you can do this with a YouTube video. 

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