Test Feb 10 2023

This is a test of designDATA’s alert notification system.

6/11/2022 @ 2pm

designDATA concluded maintenance Friday, June 10, 2022.  During this maintenance we performed various tests which successfully demonstrated our circuit failover and geo-redundancy capabilities on our fiber optic infrastructure. 

Additionally, designDATA and vendor partner engineers performed performance testing verifying high performing speeds and low latency in a variety of conditions – with multiple fiber circuits in active mode, and with primary and secondary circuits in degraded mode. 

In every circumstance, our testing verified vHOST’s capability to provide high availability services with geo-resiliency without compromising performance.  This important maintenance and testing is concluded in its entirety.  

Thank you for your business.

6/11/2022 @ 12:15am

designDATA engineers have successfully completed maintenance and a full testing of resiliency / redundancy. The maintenance window has concluded.

6/9/2022 @ 8:15am

designDATA will be performing maintenance in partnership with our datacenter and telecom vendors tomorrow evening, Friday June 10, between 10pm and 1am Eastern time.  This maintenance will include updates to our vendor partner’s upstream switches, as well as an increase in throughput for the designDATA vHOST environment.  We will also use this opportunity to conduct failover and resiliency testing of certain aspects of our infrastructure.  We expect that resources will be largely unavailable during the maintenance window.  We will update this post with any meaningful updates, including an “all clear” once maintenance activities have concluded.  Thank you for your business.

3/21/2022 @ 9:05pm

Maintenance has concluded, thank you for your patience.

3/21/2022 @ 6:45pm Eastern

designDATA and our datacenter fiber carriers will be performing tests our network performance and routing this evening from 8pm to 10pm Eastern.  There may be several momentary outages during this testing, and possible reduced internet speeds.  We do not expect any sustained outages.

We apologize both for the short notice, and for the frequent maintenance windows this past month.  Our partner Zayo has made significant improvements to their infrastructure, and we are doing our best to ensure that our vHOST clients are taking advantage of this resiliency and throughput. 

We expect this will be the final and concluding maintenance window to accomplish these improvements.  Thank you for your business – and your understanding.

3/19/2022 @ 4:20pm Eastern

Performance has substantially improved as of 2:35pm, engineers continue to work to determine the cause of the network congestion.

3/19/2022 @ 1:15pm Eastern

designDATA continues to troubleshoot poor internet bandwidth from one leg of our fiber optic network with our carrier partners. We will update this page with relevant information as it becomes available.

3/19/2022 @ 9:35am Eastern

The designDATA datacenter is experiencing network slowness and congestion. We are working with our connectivity partners to troubleshoot and resolve this issue as soon as possible.


3/19/2022 @ 12:30am Eastern

Maintenance and testing of ego-resiliency completed successfully. All services are fully operational.

3/16/2022 @ 6:30pm Eastern

The completion of the maintenance tasks outlined in our the below communique from March 11 will occur on Friday, March 18, 2022, beginning at 8pm Eastern. Please expect several minutes of intermittent downtime during the maintenance window of 8pm – 11pm. Thank you.

3/11/2022 @ 9:30pm Eastern

designDATA engineers have concluded maintenance for this evening. All vHOST systems are up and running, however, a second maintenance window will be necessary. We will communicate this maintenance window next week. Thank you.

3/11/2022 @ 11:15am Eastern

designDATA engineers are assisting our communications and infrastructure partners with emergency maintenance that will occur between 8pm and 11pm Eastern time tonight, March 11.  We expect brief intermittent connectivity outages to vHOST services and to client site Zayo fiber internet access during this period.  After the maintenance, designDATA will use this window as an opportunity to conduct a geo-resiliency test of our infrastructure and fiber backbone.  During the automated failover process, we anticipate several minutes of downtime to failover services to backup circuits.  Thank you for your understanding as we work to improve the reliability and resiliency of the vHOST platform.







Thank you








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