Washington, DC – July 6, 2021. Washington, DC-based designDATA is excited to announce the promotion of Erik Haas from Director of Sales and Marketing to Vice President, Business Development. Despite the obstacles of the pandemic, Erik led the sales team to some of the best results designDATA has seen to date. “I am humbled and appreciative for the opportunity to play a larger role with such an extraordinary company,” stated Erik. “It’s inspiring to work among some of the most dedicated, talented, and passionate professionals in the industry and it’s a privilege to serve such an incredible community of mission-driven organizations.”

“Under Erik’s leadership, our sales team is operating with a maturity, professionalism, and demeanor that is unparalleled,” expressed Matt Ruck, CEO and President at designDATA. “The way Erik and his team collaborate with prospective clients to get to the core issues and bring our whole organization to bear to solve them has become a great asset to designDATA. I feel honored to have him join our leadership team. Congratulations and keep up the excellent work, Erik.” 

As many teams remain remote, organizations are relying on technology now more than ever to stay connected and deliver for their clients. This trend has implications for organizational culture, productivity, collaboration, and risk mitigation. designDATA is at the forefront of this movement, identifying the issues and business impacts and partnering with clients to deploy solutions.

“From a business development perspective, we work to deeply understand the goals and challenges of the communities we serve and ensure alignment between our solutions, service delivery model, and the needs of our market. We are extremely disciplined about ensuring we are the best fit to deliver the outcomes prospective clients expect prior to moving a partnership forward,” explained Erik. “We believe it is the role of the managed service provider to empower teams to do their best work, and training is a big part of that. The extent to which staff are comfortable and confident using their technology is the extent to which they can use their full potential for the benefit of those they serve. We are excited to continue working with our clients to identify roadblocks and deliver solutions for an increasingly distributed and hybrid workforce.”

About designDATA

Established in 1979, designDATA is an IT Managed Services Provider operating out of the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. They are focused on equipping organizations with scalable solutions that enable teams to do their best work securely. They do this by striving to see the world through their clients’ eyes, aligning IT operations with organizational priorities, and ensuring staff have the resources they need to excel. designDATA provides 24/7 tech support, data center and cloud services, robust cybersecurity solutions, exceptional end-user training, and enterprise-level consulting services.

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