Introducing Microsoft 365 Business Voice by designData

A cloud-based communication service that lets you access every phone feature you need in an app you already use.

Washington, DC – February 8th, 2021, Washington-based designDATA is excited to officially announce that we provide Microsoft 365 Business Voice services. This telephony system is designed to give small to mid-sized businesses a cost-effective way to integrate all of their phone features without purchasing bulky or expensive equipment. Moreover, the service offers unified communication, allowing you to call any device, anywhere.

What is Microsoft 365 Business Voice?

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is an all-in-one internet-based telephone system. This powerful application delivers all the features you would expect from a business phone system without compromising on quality. The ability to make and receive internal and external phone calls, transfer calls, message internal users, and facilitate video and audio conferences are just a few of the many available features. Users can even host conference calls with people who don’t have an internet connection.

“What’s great about the application is that it uses a modern Voice over IP system, so you can link Microsoft 365 Business Voice with many other internal databases and applications. It also provides a highly consistent and reliable user experience,” explains Saul De Jesus, program manager at designDATA.

Why Choose Microsoft 365 Business Voice? 

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a cloud-based service that is much more cost-effective and streamlined than traditional VoIP. With this solution, you don’t have to purchase costly hardware that needs to be stored in a data center. Microsoft 365 Business Voice also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, which many businesses are already using. This means that you’ll have everything you need to communicate, collaborate, and connect, all in one tool. You’ll be able to:

  • Call/communicate from any location or device
  • Work seamlessly inside Microsoft Teams, connected to your other critical business applications
  • Save money on software and hardware
A Modern, Timely Solution to Support & Enhance Your Business Productivity. “The ongoing global challenges have compelled us to make a paradigm shift in the way we operate. For many businesses, this significant change has caused a breakdown in communication and a reduction in productivity,” explains Matt Ruck, President and CEO of designDATA. “Across all industries, we’ve seen innovation ebbing due to a failure to adapt to remote work effectively. It’s a top priority of ours to provide solutions that bring our clients’ diverse and distributed teams together so that they can continue to innovate rather than stagnate. designDATA is solving this problem by fostering more effective communication experiences via solutions like Microsoft 365 Business Voice.”

About designDATA

designDATA is an IT Managed Services Provider focused on equipping organizations with scalable solutions that enable teams to securely do their best work. They do this by striving to see the world through their clients’ eyes, aligning IT operations with organizational priorities and ensuring staff have the resources they need to excel. They provide 24/7 tech support, data center and cloud services, robust cybersecurity solutions, exceptional end-user training, and enterprise-level consulting services.

For more information on how to implement Microsoft 365 Business Voice, visit our website or contact:

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