SOC1 SSAE-18 and SOC2 SSAE-18 Audit

designDATA is proud to be a SOC1 SSAE-18 and SOC2 SSAE-18 (formerly known as a SSAE-16) audited company. The SOC1 audit solidifies designDATA’s achievement of the service commitments and system requirements relevant to its data center, operations, SysAdmin tool, monitoring and expert IT service teams. The SOC 2 audit examines the controls and processes involved in storing, handling and transmitting data securely, providing independent assurance that designDATA’s cloud solutions are safe and secure. Both audits cover a one-year period ending May 31, 2018.

These audits are typically undertaken by larger companies. Many companies our size have not completed either type of assessment. However, we feel it is critical to have a standard of excellence that goes above and beyond the norm. designDATA is dedicated to the security of our customers information and the performance of our controls. We willingly volunteer to undergo these exacting evaluations so that our customers can have the highest possible confidence in our solutions.

Benefits of having an SOC1 and SOC2 performed:

Trustworthy stamp of approval
Ability to perform outsourcing services for public companies
Adding to designDATA’s valuable knowledge resources
Third-party assurance
Improving performance of our organization

View our SOC1 report here and our SOC2 report here

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

We’re proud to have completed these audits, and we thank our team for their hard work and enthusiasm on this project.