Why designDATA

What makes us different?

Overzealous Customer Service

We enjoy the opportunity to explain what makes our company different. It starts with great customer service and an attitude that designDATA will always be easy to do business with. We go the extra mile and never point fingers. We are always accountable. Our staff knows that we are a customer service company that happens to provide technology services. It is simply a different way of delivering service which takes the arrogance out IT.

Consulting and Strategy spoken here

There are plenty of IT firms who excel at break-fix support. Their model is simple: something breaks, a ticket is created, the problem is solved, and the ticket is closed. Rinse and repeat as directed. Of course the problem with this model is that you never actually make any progress. designDATA is different. Meet with a designDATA account executive today and learn more about our IT partnerships, including initial IT assessment, monthly strategic review meetings, change management & documentation, and dedicated technical account management.

A right sized IT partnership

Knowing who you are, and who you best serve, is very important in our business. Too often technology vendors take on business outside their capacity. designDATA provides support to the mid-market, a demographic we define as customers with ten to one thousand employees.

Deep-over-broad technical expertise, by design

In our business you simply cannot know it all. At designDATA we understand this and have structured our business accordingly. What does this mean to you? Extremely deep expertise delivered by subject matter experts. All accounts have access to best and brightest resources, brought into the account as needed. So if you need a firewall reconfigured, it will be done by an expert, not someone learning as they go.

Customized Partnerships

Our agreements are not one-size fits all. We structure our agreements based on your requirements and business objectives. Varying aspects of our IT Services team, helpdesk, consulting group, and datacenter solutions are blended together to give you a solution which makes sense for your organization.

Find out how our service plan can help your business succeed.