Your technology should work for you — not against you. But unfortunately, many organizations often miss key opportunities because their systems and IT operations aren’t running efficiently. Having the right systems, infrastructure, staffing, and organizational practices in place are essential to accomplishing your strategic initiatives.

designDATA helps organizations use technology to achieve long term success. Our consultants work with you to gain a deep understanding of your business management system requirements and new emerging technologies. We review and document how you do business and learn about the ways you use technology to meet your goals. Based on your needs, we offer recommendations for improvement — from upgrading your current systems to maximizing your current systems to starting fresh with new software — and provide high-level project management and consulting to ensure those recommendations are seamlessly implemented.

Our consultants help organizations of all sizes make the best decisions with their IT investments and can help you find the right fit for:

  • Penetration testing and reporting by an independent Fortune 500 IT company
  • Remediation of identified threats and vulnerabilities
  • 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Dark web monitoring and threat protection
  • Advanced threat detection and encryption tools
  • Reduced rates on cyber insurance policies for your certified secure network
  • Peace of mind that you’ve taken a proactive stance on IT security

How does the consulting process work?

STEP 1: Interview

  • Thoroughly understand and capture your business requirements
  • Interview all key stakeholders, face-to-face
  • Record goals, pain points, and lost opportunities
  • Understand what’s working correctly

STEP 2: Audit

  • Evaluate your processes and procedures
  • Review the technologies and software programs you’re using
  • Identify key areas of inefficiencies
  • Document the overall workflow for your organization

STEP 3: Solution

  • Match your organization with the best solution for your needs, size, and budget
  • Offer a professional, unbiased third-party opinion on what solutions are right for you
  • Oversee the configuration, design, and implementation of these solutions
  • Advocate on your behalf with vendors and solutions providers

STEP 4: Report

  • Provide a detailed written assessment and outline any future requirements
  • Recommend process, workflow, and technology improvements
  • Provide ongoing support, mentoring, and project management as needed
  • Develop detailed RFPs and other required documents

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