SysAdmin Gold (SAG)

 SysAdmin Gold (SAG)A designDATA Systems Administration Group (we call it SAG) is a method for a customer-led IT department to “plug in” to designDATA’s around-the-clock technology support team at a reasonable monthly cost.  Common components of a SAG contract include:

  • A client-led engagement
  • 24/7 monitoring & systems administration
  • Monitoring of all P1 servers 24/7
  • Monitoring of all P2 servers 12/5
  • Patching / updates / proactive support
  • Weekly Server Event Log Review
  • SNMP monitoring of aware devices
  • Web Site monitoring including content checks
  • All proactive work at a fixed-fee.
  • Embedded time each month that is customer-directed.
  • Access to designDATA’s vHOST enterprise datacenter at reduced cost.