What is Agility Cloud?

Agility Cloud is a service offering of designDATA. designDATA is one of Washington, DC’s oldest and most respected technology service and consulting companies. Agility Cloud is a combination of IT Outsourcing, Public Cloud, and Data Center services, bundled together for small organizations. Agility Cloud leverages Public Cloud from companies like Microsoft, because the scale of Microsoft’s operation brings the cost of supplying service down. We pair public cloud with designDATA’s CoreServer to keep control of your most critical data private and locked under your control. Last, our IT services arm supplies unlimited helpdesk services for your staff, and makes sure that your systems stay up and running, backed up, and receive additional proactive maintenance once per week.

What is the CoreServer?

Every Agility Cloud client has one server hosted in our enterprise, highly available server farm. This server is backed with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This is where we store two critical services; your network objects and security (Active Directory) and your data. This is the part of your network that we do not necessarily want hosted on the public cloud.

Do I own any hardware?

Agility customers migrate email to Microsoft or Google, and have a CoreServer hosting your most critical data and Active Directory. Any other application servers you may have (example, an accounting server), can either reside at your offices, or may be migrated to our data center. If it is migrated to our data center, it is supplied as a service, and you do not own the hardware.

Do I own the data?

The customer always owns and has full administrator level access to both their CoreServer and all data.

What is HaaS?

HaaS stands for Hardware-as-a-Service. designDATA wants our clients to have standardized desktops and laptops. It makes our job easier when the equipment is standardized, and your staff will be thrilled receiving new equipment. designDATA has blanket purchase agreements with the largest hardware companies, and we receive deep discounts on business / executive quality desktops and laptops. Best of all, you pay nothing upfront, not even the cost to configure and install your new machines. Browse our HaaS options here, and contact your account executive to learn more & schedule a demo!

Is there a contract and term?

Yes. designDATA contracts keep the initial startup costs to a bare-minimum. This is accomplished by designDATA absorbing a substantial portion of the startup expense. In turn, we ask for a two year contract, and will incent you to sign a four year contract.

What is BYOD?

BYOD stands for “Bring your own Device”. It means that staff can use their personal mobile phones, from any carrier, and still connect securely to your network. This is important, because in the event they lose their phone, we need to be able to remove corporate data off of the device remotely. Our Agility BYOD product accomplishes this.

Is Agility Cloud available nationwide?

Chances are very good that we are able to support your location. If you have ten or more users, and a quality high-speed internet connection, give us a call. We will confirm that we have VTN partners in the area that can respond onsite if we are unable to complete a service call remotely. The VTN program allows us to support customers in every major metropolitan area in the United States, and many areas in Canada.