Special Projects

Custom solutions for your unique business

System implementation is when the real work begins, and is the most visible staging area for either success or failure. Ensuring the sucess of a system implementation requires the dedicated attention of a skilled project manager.

designDATA consultants approach each implementation proejct with a proven methodology that allows us to move the process of according to the implementation plan, to foresee problems before they arise, and to help assimilate users to the change in their workflow.

Our consultants can help your business with custom projects, using these technologies:

  • Active Directory
  • Exchange
  • Cisco Switching
  • Virtualization

designDATA responds to each client's unique needs by assigning a consultant at the appropriate level - from a dedicated full-time project manager to an occasional client/vendor liaison.

In general, we perform the following implementation tasks for your special project:

  • Monitor progress of system modifications and development of reports
  • Monitor progress of installation of selected software and/or hardware solutions
  • Monitor and test conversion process
  • Prepare test scripts and conduct acceptance testing
  • Arrange for and coordinate training sessions
  • Conduct weekly update meetings
  • Create and distribute update reports
  • Follow up on action items
  • Maintain the project schedule and work plan
  • Monitor the project budget
  • Create and maintain regular communication with users
  • Maintain regular communication with upper management
  • General trouble-shooting and problem resolution

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