Hardware as a Service

Discover stress-free hardware and operating systems

designDATA HaaS (Hardware-as-a-Service) supplies brand-new enterprise quality desktops and laptops for your staff, at a low monthly fee. Best of all, setup is included complimentary. Empower your staff with Agility HaaS and take the unpredictability out of your technology budget.

Our monthly fee ensures you’ll never be stung with expensive IT bills, knowing that your equipment, warranty service and maintenance services are completely covered. Pricing starts at $26 / month for a business desktop.

The HaaS flat-fee model not only helps you track expenses, but eliminates large capital outlays and the associated high taxes, because all of our services qualify as operating costs.

Hardware as a Service programs from designDATA include service and support for your:

  • Infrastructure (firewalls, switches, wireless network)
  • Desktop / Laptop Hardware
  • Standardized Operating systems & office software
  • Advanced hardware swaps if something goes wrong!

Desktop / Laptop Replacement Plan

designDATA is pleased to offer professional grade replacement laptops and desktops as part of the Agility service offering. All equipment is delivered with complimentary onsite setup and configuration, and is backed with a three-year onsite warranty. No need to spend capital on replacement machines: designDATA is pleased to offer a variety of professional enterprise quality machines for low monthly payments starting at less than $26 per month. Ask your designDATA account executive for more information.

Regain control of your IT expenditures.