Mobile Classroom

Experience comprehensive professional development with hands-on training- that comes to you!

We understand that a change in resources can be frustrating and confusing. That’s why we developed Mobile Classroom, a hybrid experience like no other. Face-to-face learning meets workplace webinar.
Yes, classroom resources and instructional methods designed exclusively to provide the most positive learning experience possible. Eliminate the learning curve with an increased sense of comfort and test drive all the aspects of your new hardware and applications before their arrival.

Relevant and Engaging

When Mobile Classroom comes to your workplace these hands-on training courses take you through step-by-step in a controlled environment giving you an increased sense of comfort and ease.

The training instructor will walk participants through study visuals, demonstrations and hands-on activities. With this type of attention users are exposed to key practices critical to familiarizing themselves with their new devices and applications.

With the Mobile Classroom experience the instructor will bring the equipment to you, so there’s no need to wait for yours to arrive. Enjoy the increased comfort and productivity with less time trying to “figure it out”. There’s no time wasted and not only will your staff love the idea of getting new hardware and applications but they’ll also look forward to know how to use them!

“Change does not happen in isolation – it impacts the whole organization (system) around it, and all the people touched by it. Eliminate the curve. Experience change of Agility”

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Scott is excited to be joining designDATA as the Manager of Training and Development. He is coming to designDATA after a long career at IBM, where he served in many different roles. After starting his IBM career as an Assembler programmer and product tester, he worked in Level 3 customer support and customer education and training. In 2002, Scott became a Technical Sales Manager, supervising 16 employees in the Enterprise Content Management and DB2 product areas. He then took on a second role as a Training Manager and continued as both Technical Sales Manager and Training Manager through the remainder of his IBM career (July 2017).

Scott is a strong believer in the power and importance of “communication excellence”, and he is eager to use these skills in future designDATA training programs. He is looking forward to working with all our customers to understand their training needs and then deliver to them the proper training to meet and exceed these needs.

In his “free” time, Scott is an award-winning Music Director, conductor, and pianist/accompanist in the DC Metro Area, spending most of his time doing community and professional theater. He is also an amateur landscape photographer and avid sports fan.