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Get out of the server room business…with vHOST!

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vHOST is an entirely new paradigm in computing where a bulletproof server farm (vHOST) is purchased, as a utility by our clients. With nothing upfront to buy, our clients enjoy a highly redundant, ultra secure, fully managed, 24/7 monitored and maintained datacenter. Put simply - vHOST gets you out of the server room business and onto a platform otherwise out of reach.

Is vHOST "Cloud Computing"?

Yes - vHOST is private cloud - an extension of traditional IT outsourcing to include pay-as-you-consume datacenter resources, such as servers, storage, bandwidth and security. Our customers enjoy secure, private, highly-redundant, and fully managed servers, without purchasing any equipment...ever again.

vHOST Facts:

  • vHOST is Bullet Proof fortune 500 grade server infrastructure - costing millions to build and maintain. We defray the cost of this infrastructure over many customers, giving you access to an infrastructure otherwise out of reach.
  • Always on, 24/7 - guaranteed.
  • No hardware to buy, pay only for the resources you consume - yet scale server capacity as needed and on the fly.
  • Fully managed, monitored and maintained.
  • Private fiber optic connections from your office building to the datacenter. 100% secure!
  • Ultrafast one gigabit per second speeds. Staff will never know your servers are hosted outside your premises.
  • 24/7 monitoring and network engineering resources
  • Private environment = full access. You are in control of your data and access to your systems.
  • Backed by designDATA - One of the area's largest IT consulting firms in Washington, DC - with over 30 years' datacenter experience!

Experience Matters

For many technology companies (including many large corporations & household names), cloud is indeed a new offering. At designDATA is not. We have over thirty years of corporate datacenter management experience, and over five years in the vHOST cloud model.

With vHost, your IT services are hosted by the experts at designDATA, meaning you'll never have to worry about the management, maintenance or equipment that keeps them running smoothly - so you can focus on running your business.

Cloud Services from designDATA are easy, quick, and economical to implement.