Private Connectivity

Metro ethernet for your growing business

Secure broadband connectivity is a critical component to an effective data center vHost or co-location solution. designDATA has partnered with leading carriers in the Metro Ethernet & dedicated fiber transport space.

What is Metro Ethernet?

Metro Ethernet leverages the telecom industry investment in underground fiber optic cabling. Typically, metropolitan areas have substantial multi-carrier investments in fiber build-outs. With the appropriate vendor relationships in place, designDATA is able to connect many customers in the Washington, DC metropolitan areas into private fiber networks that connect directly to the designDATA data center.

What does this mean to you?

  • Dedicated private connectivity into the data center (not over the Internet).
  • Scalable circuits of up to 10Mb (ethernet), 100Mb (fast ethernet), or 1000Mb (gigabit ethernet).
  • Failover bundles with alternative providers. If the fiber carrier were to go down, internet connectivity remains up and running, allowing you to reconnect to the data center via VPN.

Outside the metropolitan area?

Unfortunately metro ethernet is not available everywhere. There are other options including lighting up your own fiber circuits, and bonding traditional T1 and DSL circuits into a larger pipe. Contact your designDATA representative to learn more.

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