Microsoft 365 – New Commerce Experience – Licensing Changes

Microsoft has recently made changes to Microsoft 365 licensing. Given that this will impact all designDATA clients, we have leveraged our Microsoft Gold CSP partnership to provide a few options to you.

Microsoft is calling this new licensing model “New Commerce Experience” or NCE for short. For clients who purchase through our Microsoft Gold CSP partnership, there will be two options for you to choose from. Given that this has financial implications, this will require a decision on your part. Please review the options below and let us know which you prefer:

1. M365 licenses with no term commitment (month-to-month licensing) will increase in price by approximately 20%.  Under this licensing model, you may decrease staff (licensing) count as needed with no further obligation to Microsoft.

2. M365 licenses with a one-year term agreement.  These licenses are still billed monthly, however, you will be unable to reduce your license count during the contract term.  So, if your company has 30 employees, reduces to 25, you are obligated to pay for those licenses until the contract anniversary date.

We believe most of our clients prefer option 2, the one-year licensing term, versus option 1, the 20% increase in cost.  If you purchase your M365 licensing from designDATA – please let us know your preference as soon as possible.  We have created an online form to collect repliesPlease reply by next week Friday, June 17.

If you are one of the few clients who do not currently leverage our Microsoft Gold CSP partnership and wish to take advantage of the annual saving option, please let us know, we would be glad to provide assistance.

Thank you for your business.

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Matt Ruck is the President and CEO of designDATA. While he has spent nearly 25 years with this organization, Matt’s objective has never changed: he is committed to enhancing designDATA’s managed technology and cybersecurity services. In particular, some of the areas that Matt contributes to are: Data center initiatives, cloud computing, converged networking, VoIP telephony, contingency planning, and telecommunications. Matt supplements his extensive experience in the industry with rewarding certifications, like Microsoft’s MCSE and VMware’s VCPR.

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