Fix These Enterprise Security Flaws to Protect Your Business

Fix These Enterprise Security Flaws to Protect Your Business

Fix These Enterprise Security Flaws to Protect Your Business

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Fix These Enterprise Security Flaws to Protect Your Business

As businesses have become more reliant on digital technology for day-to-day operations, they’ve also become a favorite target of internet threats. To protect your organization from cyberattacks, ensure your security is free from the following flaws:

Open wireless networks

An office can go online with one main internet line and a couple of wireless routers. While a wireless internet connection saves money, it can also mean an unsecured network.

Simply plugging in a wireless router and creating a basic network is not enough for a secure connection. Without a password on your routers, anyone within range can connect. Hackers and criminals, with relatively simple tools and knowledge, can capture data transmitted over the network and even launch attacks on the network and connected computers.

Therefore, it’s crucial to secure all wireless networks in the office with strong passwords. Internet service providers that install hardware often use easy-to-guess passwords for routers, such as the company’s main phone number. These default passwords need to be changed immediately.

Email security

Most companies that have implemented a new email system in the past few years are likely to be secure, particularly if they use cloud-based services or established email systems like Exchange, which provide enhanced security and scanning features.

The businesses at risk are those using older systems, such as POP, or systems that do not encrypt passwords (known as “clear passwords”). If your system doesn’t encrypt sensitive information, it’s vulnerable to interception by anyone with the right tools and knowledge.

If you’re using an outdated email system, consider upgrading to a more secure, modern solution that includes encryption.

Mobile devices security

Mobile devices offer a great way to stay connected and productive while out of the office.  However, connecting to office systems without proper security measures can jeopardize your networks.

For example, if your work email is linked to your tablet without a screen lock, and you lose the device, anyone who finds it could access your email and sensitive information. Similarly, installing an app with malware on your mobile device can spread the malicious software to your entire network, causing significant disruption.

Ensure that employee devices are secured with passcodes and that your company has robust security policies for device use. Mobile device management solutions can also prevent your BYOD policy from introducing risks to your network.

Anti-malware software maintenance

It’s essential to have anti-malware software on all company devices and to configure it correctly.

Scans scheduled during business hours can be disruptive. If employees turn off the scanner to avoid interruptions, it leaves your systems at risk.

Additionally, it’s vital to regularly update anti-malware applications. Updates often include new databases with the latest threat discoveries and their fixes.

Proper installation and maintenance of anti-malware software are necessary to stand a chance of keeping systems secure.

Lack of firewalls

A firewall is a network security device that controls incoming and outgoing network traffic. Many modems or routers come with built-in firewalls, but these may not be sufficient for business needs.

A robust firewall should cover the entire network, particularly at the data entry and exit points. Business-grade firewalls are best installed by an IT partner, such as a managed services provider (MSP), to ensure effectiveness.

How do I ensure proper business security?

The best way for a business to secure its systems and networks is by working with an IT partner like us. Our managed services are focused on setting up the right security measures and managing them effectively, so you can have peace of mind and focus on what you do best—running your business. For more insights and tools, visit our resource page.

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