Security – Stay Alert

designDATA continues to invest in keeping your environments safe. There are options in our security offerings that will protect against pending attacks as named below. In this interesting time, we need to stay aware of pending attacks and respond accordingly and your education has been the best risk mitigation overall.

Different Types of Phishing Attacks

Email Scams

Phishing attacks, in their most common form, are emails that prompt the recipient to take action, usually to achieve one of two goals:

  • Tricking you into sharing personal information
  • Fooling you into downloading harmful malware

Once you’ve given them access, hackers can access your bank account, steal your identity, or make fraudulent purchases in your name. As we become more aware of the ways to be attacked, other offshoots have developed. Here are a few:


As the name suggests, SMiShing is similar to the email scam, but it tricks users via text message. Many people are aware of email phishing; however, fewer people are suspicious of SMS messages, which increases the likelihood of falling for the scam.

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing uses the same methods as the above scams, but it targets a specific individual. You may see a string of emails designed to lure you into taking action. Spear phishing attacks could also target you on multiple messaging platforms.


Similar to spear phishing, whaling also targets an individual person or organization. However, it’s usually someone with a lot to lose, such as CEOs, celebrities, political figures, or wealthy families.