4 Ways to Have a Better Home Office

When we started this work-at-home journey, we were in unchartered territory.  Each week finding more efficient ways to boost your work productivity while balancing everything else.  We imagine that many stationed their computer in a common area of their home that made sense at the time. However, like many of us at designDATA, it’s time to “Change Things Up”.  Perhaps you have realized you need a desk monitor instead of that smaller laptop screen or your kitchen chair isn’t as ergonomic as first thought. This article in Association Now, Better Home Office, may help to improve productiveness. For other tips and tricks to improve productivity please see past articles by designDATA. Below are 4 that many have said helped so far:

  1. Taking Meeting Notes in Microsoft Teams
  2. E-Sign Solutions
  3. Using your iPad as a second display for your PC.
  4. Teams on Your Phone or Tablet
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