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Screen Sharing
Did you know that every Mac has a built-in screen-sharing function for Mac to Mac? It comes with the operating system. It’s a hidden feature so you will have to use Spotlight to find it.
Simply press Command + Space Bar to bring up the Spotlight search function.

It will look like this:

Select Screen Sharing and a box will come up that looks like this:

From here, you can put your AppleID, the person you’re trying to connect to’s AppleID or if you know the IP address, input the IP where it says Connect To.
And gets better: the Mac uses your iSight camera’s microphone to provide your audio to the recipient.
For those times that you need to work on that PowerPoint for that upcoming meeting but also need to watch the Webinar that’s starting in five minutes. Meet Picture-in-Picture!
Picture-in-Picture is a feature embedded in macOS that allows you to multitask with your work in one window while a floating, adjustable, sizable window appears to hover above your current work. And when you’re done, you just snap the window back in! It’s as simple as a click!

To activate, just double right-click over the video you want to pop-out. Select Picture-in-Picture.

As you can see here, the YouTube video has popped out and is now a floating adjustable window that hovers above while a Word document is in progress. To end the session, simply click the x in the corner.
Requirements: macOS Sierra and later

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