Do you need a CIO?

(Hint: YES!)

What is the job of a CIO, exactly? Chief Information Officer. Isn’t that just IT?

Well, yes. And, no.

A CIO has many roles in an organization. IT is one role— understanding computer systems, networking, SaaS, security, standards, etc., has to be in a CIO’s wheelhouse. However, a CIO has to be able to understand and articulate the context of these systems. What do they do for our organization? How are they used? And most importantly, why are we using them?

CIOs manage IT resources and IT-related business resources. Policy preparation, strategic business planning, budgeting, resourcing, training, security, expenditures, damage control, project management— all come under the purview of a CIO, and that CIO has to be able to communicate in a human language to all sorts of people, technical and non-technical, staff, Board, vendors, executives, and members.

In essence, the CIO is the bridge between the technical and business aspects of an organization’s IT requirements. And, yes, you need one!

Well, I don’t have anyone on staff who can fill that position,” you might say.  There are alternatives to hiring an FTE CIO. Outsourcing the CIO function is a popular option.  designDATA offers “fractional” CIO consulting services, bringing our consultants’ expertise and years of association management to the task on an ongoing retainer basis. We work with your organization to identify your IT-related business needs. Big IT questions and small ones, we can help you make decisions around how best to achieve the best results.

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